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October 7, 2013
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I was sitting on my bed with my legs tucked up against my body. I had my face buried between my legs sobbing my heart out because I was really worried about him. It scared me the fact that he hadn’t been seen or heard from in the last three months now, just because of that stupid kid called Chris trapping him in his stupid human world where he could never return back ever again!
  You see how much it scares me?
I was trying to tell myself the same thing over, and over, but my brain wouldn’t listen. And the same horrible questions kept repeating themselves to me like they were a broken record on repeat.
  What if Sonic never comes back?
   Is he dead?
  Has he forgotten about me?
  What If . . .What if I never see him again?

So many questions with so many unanswerable answers . . .

I was literally about to go out of my head and go insane until just at that moment . . . something bizarre happened.
 With my face still buried like a bird sticking its head into the sand I was all of a sudden blinded by a bright golden light that warmed me up slowly like a low burning fire place. It gradually grew brighter. But I ignored it, thinking it was the sun rising from the distance.
But suddenly, out of complete nowhere and unexpectedly. I felt such a beautiful voice sliver it’s way though my whole body, like a cool seaside draft coming in from an open window. I heard this mysterious voice, and . . . this voice was so seductive. And so, heart-warming. Which a few nanoseconds in time, suddenly struck me that I noticed that this lovely voice was singing to me. I couldn’t help but stop crying and listen to its sexiness. How that relieved me. Making me feel rather hot inside.
 The unknown voice sang on and on, circling around my mind like a merry-go-round. Suddenly, I felt a soft hand touch my rosy cheek. That was warm too. The feel of that unknown touch made me want to touch it back and hold it tight in my hands, wishing away the moment when I’ll have to let go.
     That was it.
     I couldn’t help it but look up.

As soon as I gazed up, staring ahead of me, I had to squint because there was so much light that was covering everything around me. Well, just covering everything but me in this yellow shine. The brightness dimmed so I could see who or what it was there . . .
 It was Sonic.
 He was in his Super Sonic form and . . . Oh my sweet lord. What a gorgeous singing voice he had.
Even though I’ve never heard Sonic sing before, in a way it was such an honour to hear him open his mouth and sing. I was . . . Surprised. That not only did Sonic the hedgehog came back. He . . . he came back to me.

 As soon as I laid eyes on Sonics perfect handsome face, I started to cry again, because he’s finally back . . . back in my arms . . . He made all those horrible questions disappear into the nights starry sky of the full moon, as well making me feel a lot better after all the crying and sobbing of him never coming back which he did but instead he came back to me.
    Ok. I must be dreaming. I mean . . . Sonic . . .
    He never comes to me and . . . Makes me feel right again.

 Atomically without another word, moan, or sigh of relief, or without even thinking. I leaped from my cold, wet bed and hugged Sonic desperately enclosing my arms around his neck tightly so that he wouldn’t go away again. I wanted him to stay. Hugged in my arms forever. Sonic . . . he was all I ever wanted and now, I’ve got him. I can’t believe he’s finally mine. To my relief I felt Sonic's strong arms wrap like rope firmly around me, hugging me back whilst I was crying. I felt his grip tighten harder around my waist as I felt him pull me into him closer so that I was pressed against his warm chest as hard as possible. At the same time, I heard him whisper in my ear.
 “It’s okay I’m here, sweetheart.”
  He called me sweetheart?
He must . . . love me. And I love him. Like I said, he was all I ever wanted. He’s finally mine. And I’m his . . . his forever.
 I felt his grip around me squeeze our bodies together as if our bodies were being forcefully pushed together like a magnets grip on one another. And we, Sonic and I, were warm because of his supersonic heat that was blazing off his whole body, we were like new born kittens huddling and cuddling together and never letting go of each other.
I was still uncontrollably crying on Sonic's shoulder, so he loosened his grip on me, pulls away and looks at me. Face to face. My eyes were red and puffy but inside I felt happy and relieved so I couldn’t help but cry my eyes out and look like a total fool in front of the blue hedgehog.
 “Why are you crying?” Sonic asked softly putting on his deep, passionate, cute voice.
 Oh god . . . There goes my heart.
 I was drained physically. But I finally found my voice in the end.  

 “Because you scared me. You never came back for three months, I was terrified! I thought — you had forgotten about me . . . I thought you were dead. I thought you’d never come back ever again. I tried to tell myself that, he’s alright, he’s fine . . . but — but I couldn’t help but miss you. I had to scream out your name so that you could hear me from far away — but yeah. Of course. You didn’t hear me . . . did you?”
Sonic's eyes were locked with mine and I could see inside of them that he was missing me too. The blue blur shook his head and gave me a warm beautiful smile that made me feel at home in his warm arms.
 “No I didn’t. But I missed you too Amy Rose. I didn’t realize it until I saw that carved messages on that tree one day back in the human world,”
 “Huh! You saw it!?” I gasped feeling rather embarrassed. I looked away from his gaze trying to hide my face in the darkness behind me as I blushed hard. But it was useless, Sonic placed his hand on my cheek again as he gentle pulled my face back towards his, and surprisingly, he slowly slid his warm hand down my neck, passed my chest until he stopped at my heart. I looked back up at him with a clueless look. Sonic smiled again (his cute-little-boy-like smile that I can’t resist!)
 “I knew from then on that you loved me.” Sonic whispered, his voice was low and deep.  
I placde my hand on his heart so that we were both feeling each others heart beat, I was stunned when I could feel his heart pumping so fast that it made mine do the same.

 But wait a second . . .
 Our hearts are beating together.

The shiny hedgehog carefully slid his over hand down my back and up again so that it felt like he was stroking me. “You feel cold.” Sonic wrapped his arms around my middle again. “Don’t worry Ames, I’ll keep you warm.” he said.
And he did. Sonic kept me really warm and snug. I heated up in his supersonic embrace very quickly. Then I closed my eyes, leaning my ear on his chest pushing it against it.
I love the beating of Sonics heart. The sound . . . it makes me happy to finally get close to him like this and feel him.

 When I opened my eyes I was still in Sonics arms but I was outside in the beautiful night right in front of the full moon that was blazing down on us. Sonic released me, holding both of my hands in his, I felt safe in the hands of this brute. I mean, I knew he would keep me safe from danger and that with him in his supersonic form nothing could could defeat him. Sonic pushed my head up with his two fingers so that I was looking straight at him, he stared back at me. Our eyes were locked and they stayed locked for what felt like hours.
 Soon. . . We were hovering like birds in the sky. I felt light as air as I looked down to see that my feet were off the ground. I’m flying! I felt light as a feather and I could feel the cool night wind blowing on my face. I closed my eyes again, slowly breathing and enjoying the fact that I was levitating in mid air. It was awesome! Just flying in the sky its . . . cool!
 Sonic delicately wrapped his arms around me one last time. But before I knew it, Sonic and I were almost both on top of each other. I squeezed onto Sonic while he moved his face closer towards mine.
 “Don’t let go.” The male teenager whispered as his lips were very close to mine now. And I mean very close. I could smell the scent of his breath. Our mouths got closer . . . closer . . . closer. I felt him slowly breathing on my face which made me boil like a hot frying pan.
 “No I won’t, Sonic.”
He grinned happily, that grin turning into a quite, carefree laugh.
Before I could registered what was going to come next. Sonic's lips became locked with mine.
 Oh. My. Gosh.
 Were kissing.
My heart beat now pumped to the extreme, Sonics kiss was rich and powerful. They weren’t just good. They were indescribable. Bold and wild. The hedgehogs kisses made me want more of him. My grip on Sonic got tighter until my fingers were numb. I felt on fire. I didn’t want to let go. I wanted this to last forever; I wanted it to keep on going. We both suddenly pulled away from each other, staring into each others eyes both looking dazzled and amazed. It was as if we were exploring the art of kissing and the stunned look on our faces told us that we found it wonderful.

“I love you.” I smiled happily.  
His green eyes lit up like the green traffic light when I said that.
“I love you too.” Sonic smiled back.
There is only a few things I have to say about this... This. is. old! Wow! This was the very first SonAmy I ever wrote. This oneshot was the start of writing about Sonic and Amy. At first, I thought I had deleted it, but then thankfully I found it again :D !

This was apart of a SonAmy novel that I was writing at the time called "Amy Rose: True Love." - Yes. Cheesy title. I wrote this back in 2009 :stare: - I stopped writing the novel because non of it made sense. And I was making it up as I went along. I do still have the novel and all it's chapters, but I only keep it now for spares. :) I had to reread this and correct grammar and spelling errors, I was only 13 years old when I composed this._. xD Seeing what I write now I can tell I've improved over the years. :) I just wanted to show you guys this. :aww:
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JustAnotherUser13 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Man... That whole time I was waiting for Amy to suddenly wake up (like all those just-a-dream BS stories I seem to find...)
Thanks for not going that route!
Realise-FrenchFries Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Aha! xD
Your welcome. :3 and I'm glad you like it.
JustAnotherUser13 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
NatsumiChan0446 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Paw ahhh!!this is so lovely !!!Llama Emoji 10 (Shy) [V1] Heart Heart Heart 
Realise-FrenchFries Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :aww:
scarlina1999 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
that was amazing!!! i really loved it 
Realise-FrenchFries Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :)
mjponso Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
If you'd written this at age 13, you're a better writer than me by a long shot.  I tried writing a short story back then, which I never published because it was simply awful.

I could see this was inspired by the events of Sonic X Episode 52, though taken one step further.  Amy's perspective was entirely believable, and I had to wonder whether Sonic was truly that romantic, or if she was just daydreaming it all.
Realise-FrenchFries Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, 13 years old.. I actually impress myself sometimes. ^-^ Of course, I had to correct a lot of grammar errors and spellings before I uploaded it on dA. Thank you though! I'm glad you liked it. :)
VespaTheLaika Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
Wow that was so awesome and cute !!! You are serously my best SonAmy writer on DeviantART :)
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